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We help SMEs explore financing options and secure the most suitable solution.

Finex3 supports companies at all levels of financial standing—our resources ensure that a matching option is always available.

  • Commercial and Residential Mortgages
    Receive comprehensive consultation on refinancing, equity cash out, first and second legal mortgage loans.

  • Working Capital Loans & Unsecured Business Loans
    Gain access to the best loan for short-term financial needs to support everyday business operations.

  • Luxury Goods Financing
    We purchase luxury goods on attractive terms or assist in securing financing for luxury items. Refinancing is also an option.

  • Bridging Loans
    Secure bridging loans when you need funds to acquire assets but have other obligations. We also bridge against the sale and redemption of assets.

  • Structured Finance
    Build a robust financing structure to satisfy complex financing needs.

  • Listed Shares Financing
    Issue shares to raise money for expansion. We help companies in HK, China and Singapore.

  • Equity and Debt Hybrid Fundraising for Corporations
    Access growth capital through hybrid fundraising that can be adapted to your individual and corporate financing capabilities.

  • Asset-Backed Financing
    Utilize company assets to secure the necessary capital.

  • Trade Finance
    Get help on invoice financing, factoring, receivables and payables financing to improve cash flow.